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Jeide Designs is your Certified Professional SEO Search Engine Marketer.

Search engine optimization is critical to gain higher search engine ranking
to draw traffic to your site. Many times, businesses underestimate the
importance of their search engine ranking, but it is vital for every business
to consider how its web site ranks in the major directories and search engines.

Unless your business offers something so extraordinary you’ve got
no competition, there will be hundreds of sites on the web offering the
exact same products or services. You want your site to be ranked high
on the list of search engines to receive more business. This is done through
the search engine optimization & submission process.

Search engine optimization ensures your business does not get lost in the sea
of competition. Optimization is based on your businesses key words.
If your related key words aren’t ranking the top 30 search engine listings, users
are not going to locate your site. The top 30 results receive over 90%
of search engine traffic.

Jeide Designs, your certified SEO Marketer, will analyze your businesses
related key words to determine maximum potential and each web site page
is optimized based on those key words. These optimized pages are then
submitted to over 100 search engines and directories.
Your pages are monitored for search engine ranking effectiveness over a
six month time period to determine if any key words need changing.

Jeide Designs wants your business to succeed and search engine optimization
is a cost effective investment to potentially boost online business.

Pick Your Plan: $40, $250, or $500

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• Basic Package: $40

  1. Site submission to top-rated search engines

Silver Package: $250

  1. Keyword research
  2. Web page optimization (of 2 pages)
  3. Complete site submission:

• Gold Package: $500

  1. Keyword research
  2. Web page optimization (of up to 4 pages, if necessary)
  3. Complete site submission
  4. Link popularity report and link exchange submission
  5. Page ranking reports (4 month term)

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